Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Website Gift Guide #2


I recently did a post featuring five websites as a bit of a Christmas gift guide idea (though it can be used all year round) and it has proved slightly popular so I have decided to do a 'part 2' featuring some more websites with some amazing products! (If you missed the first one you can read it here!)

The first website that I would like to introduce you to is the wonderful 'Gemosi'. The company create gorgeous horse hair jewellery meaning that you can have a piece of your horse with you wherever you go or it can be a lovely tribute to a horse that may have passed away. Each piece is handmade and there are items for men as well! Unfortunately, the last date for Christmas delivery was the 28th, however they still have gift certificates and these pieces would make great gifts all year round! I have two favourites: the first is the Harmony Infinity Bracelet (135) and the second is the Blush Bracelet (€179). I love the Infinity bracelet as I just think it's a true representative that horses will always be a part of my life one way or another and the sterling silver snaffle bit on the Blush bracelet makes it just that bit different. 

'EquiNutritive' is a fantastic new company who have just recently launched and specialise in a back to basics approach of equine feed and supplements. EquiNutritive are currently the only company in the UK to stock Chia de Gracia chia seeds (you can read more on their website, Chia de Gracia's site or head over to Roosa's blog for a review). Other products include a 'No More Nerves Blend' (which has some amazing ingredients to provide a calming effect on the endocrine and nervous systems!) and a 'Golden Oldies Blend' as well as a few others. They are a super friendly company and I would definitely recommend that you visit their site as we all know that our equine friends are probably one of the most treated at Christmas! I am planning on putting in an order for the chia seeds shortly so keep posted for a review of how I get on in the future!

The next company is one called 'The Cosy Hat' which is a company that produces hats with a hole in the back for pony tails. There are two types - the slouchy which is perfect for everyday wear and the sports which is ideal for wearing whilst doing sports such as running, rowing, round the yard, etc. The hats come in a wide assortment of colours, including some bright ones so are ideal for winter runs! You also have the option of having a bobble on top which is something I prefer! These are such a great invention as I always see so many nice hats but hate having my hair down at the yard as it gets in the way so with these you get the best of both! I love the grey and cream slouchy one, mainly as I feel the sports ones might clash a bit with my ginger hair - though I might get away with the green! These are such a good bargain as well at only £14.95 - the same price, if not cheaper, than ordinary hats on the market!

I hope you like these websites! I seriously need to get cracking on with my Christmas shopping as I've only bought one present so far!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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