Wednesday, 10 December 2014

[Laura Loves] Spooks Equestrian


'Spooks Equestrian' is a brand that I discovered at Burghley when some of their items were under the riding hats that I was browsing. Their items are a bit out of budget (especially at the moment!) but a girl can always dream, right?

Snoopy Teddy Vest - £100
This vest is the product I saw in the Townfields stand and I absolutely love it! I think the large collar, which is fleece lined, is a great feature! It would be perfect for those days when it's a bit chilly but you don't quite need a coat! This one is on the website I was directed to on the Spooks website but on the Townfields website they have one in Olive which is £79.95. Typically I would go more for the navy as that is what most of my riding gear is, but now I'm actually thinking that olive would make a nice change! 

Snoopy Jacket - £146.95
Similar to the vest is this jacket which would be the perfect jacket for winter! It looks quite thick but without being too big and bulky, and again the high collar is great for protecting against the elements! I think the white piping along the edge of the overlap and round the top of the collar gives the jacket that something 'extra'. I really like the simplicity of this jacket and it would be perfect to wear anywhere - yard or shops! 

Crown Saddle Cloth - £53
The final product I'm going to feature is this saddle cloth - let's be honest, like I wouldn't include a saddle pad if there was one?! I love the crown image on the corner of this -that's basically what sells it to me! Again it's navy which is just a classical, timeless colour to me! 

They have a load of other products in their range such as hats, headbands, scarves, shirts, show shirts, breeches, the list goes on! I would definitely recommend that you go check them out! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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