Friday, 5 December 2014

My Christmas Wishlist


As it is that time of year, how I could I resist doing a Christmas wishlist? Being the typical horse owner that I am, quite a few of the things on my wishlist end up being for the horse or horse related (which my sisters hate so I'm hoping for a coffee maker off them ;) )! This year is no different, and I am actually refraining from making it basically a saddle pad fuelled post! My addiction is in full force at the moment as there are so many gorgeous ones around but I'll be good and just show you the one!

How gorgeous is this saddle pad? I am in love with, I kid you not! I think it's one of those colours that will suit most horses and it's just so pretty! It's the LeMieux Lustre Dressage Square in Teal and can be found on the Horse Health website. It retails at £39.95 which isn't exactly extreme for a saddle pad but is probably slightly more than I normally pay, but it's just so pretty! They have some gorgeous other coloured pads such as this Burnt Copper one (which has been featured before on here) and also this Benetton Blue one.

Second, continuing on with the 'for horses' and also on the Horse Health website are these LeMieux Pro-Sport Support Boots in Brown. They also come in other colours such as Burgundy, Grey, Beige and the traditional Black or White. I actually find it quite hard to find boots that come in brown and that don't cost a lot (these are £29.95). If anyone has ever used these, or similar ones please let me know! 

I've had my eye on these John Whitaker Clarino Breeches for a while now, since my local Mole Valley shop started stocking them. I particularly like them in the grey as I have two navy jods/breeches so it would make a nice change. These aren't overly expensive either, I think they retail around £50? 

The fourth item is this gorgeous HV Polo Nora softshell jacket (£99) which I have spotted on the Equus website. My current riding jacket is my uni one which is also a softshell jacket and I absolutely love it, I just question whether I should still be wearing my uni one since I've left! The added bonus with this one is that it comes with a hood, always a bonus with the English weather! I also like the colour of this one - it's quite bold for winter which is something I actually like! 

The final object is this gorgeous horse hoof ring from Harriet Glen who I featured on my first Christmas Website Gift Guide. This ring is a new one that she has out which I love, just as much as the snaffle one which I featured before. This ring is selling at £30 and I think it's just so unique and absolutely gorgeous! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx


  1. They're lovely choices Laura, I have the boots, I must review them soon, I use them for lunging mainly.
    Also, the pad! What a gorgeous colour, I have white for competing the navy and raspberry and the LeMieux pads are my favourite and the quality is exceptional! I think the blue should be on my wishlist too!! xx

    1. Aw thank you! I look forward to reading your review! They have so many nice colours and I'm thinking I really need to update my saddle pads! haha! xx