Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Competition Report [6.2.13]

Helloo :)

Today was a bit of a disappointing day if I'm honest. 

The Intro was quite a nice test and although we had a few bending issues he worked nicely with good consistency in rhythm. He came away with 61.7% and 1st. The judge's comments were: "Lovely pony and nicely ridden test. Need more engagement into steady contact to encourage more roundedness! Great use of arena and very accurate. Well done. Lots to like."

The prelim was virtually a disaster! He was funny with canter in the warm-up and I've not cantered him properly for a while, only working on it this past week. His canter is really frustrating because for the past year or more that I've been trying to work on it, I feel like we're getting no where. Last month he won with this test and today he came away second from last with 45.8%! His right canter was virtually non-existent and he constantly broke, rode on three tracks, wrong leg, etc etc. His left canter was better to begin with and then he charged off a bit along the straight and I could just vision us jumping over the dressage boards but luckily we made the corner! The judges comments were: "Very well tried, all went well until canter request! Well done for not getting fazed. Lots to like so keep working on the canter transitions and strides. Well done."

Overall, I think I am being hard on myself but it's very frustrating when it feels like I've hit a brick wall! However, the judges comments were very encouraging and I text my instructor and she's the best (as I mentioned on the previous blog post) and is very encouraging and trying to make sure I'm not beating myself up about it! I'm going to work hard on trying to sort out his canter and get the physio out in the next couple of weeks to make sure there's definitely nothing wrong though I'm pretty sure there isn't but it will be good for him to be checked. 

That's all for now! 
Laura & Pea x