Monday, 8 December 2014

Hacking Opposites


I feel that I rarely post about Pea on here any more so I thought I'd do a small post to share with you something which happens a lot when it comes to hacking with Pea. Tonight is the start of him being in at night as he'll be clipped Wednesday so I wanted to start bringing him in a bit beforehand so he gets used to it again. I decided tonight to take him for a quick hack before it got dark...however, with Pea being the way he is, the plan didn't quite work out! Instead, Pea decided that it would be oh so great to spook at, what I'm sure was, absolutely nothing. I would happily ask for trot and we'd do about five steps before Pea launches forward for no apparent reason! This became a frequent thing so instead of trotting the majority of the way round as planned we ended up walking trying to get him to focus on me instead of his brain going into overdrive about potential threats! (The photo above is so blurry as Pea decided that would be a great time to stop dead about a bush and it took three attempts with them all being the same!) 

This is quite a recurrent theme when it comes to hacking with Pea. You know those times when you fancy going for a nice relaxing hack? I can't plan them with Pea because if I'm up for a relaxing hack he will spook at every small thing he can possibly find! Oh the joys! Luckily, not every hack is like this but he does seem to like adding in at least one silly spook when we go hacking! 

Sorry it's not the greatest post but I feel that I should include more about Pea as he was the reason I started this blog :) 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx


  1. This story sounds so familiar x

  2. I am sure this is a connemara thing, my boy is terrible. I always get caught out on the route home, long hack, plenty of cantering and trotting, in my head, tired, relaxed, happy, free pony and Oscar almost 10 strides from our driveway will spook at...well nothing, maybe a leaf moved?
    Hacking out alone if really difficult & I understand the lurching forward, I get a lot of dragon snorting and he spooked so badly the week before christmas the little bugger had me off, thankfully we were in an enclosed field! Def. linked with connemaras!!

    1. Ah maybe! Oh no! Luckily pea hasn't quite been that lucky but that's probably because if he really starts spooking he'll stand there refusing to move and I know he'll spin if I make him and bolt so I end up having to get off and lead him past :/ such buggers! Haha x