Friday, 26 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!


This year seems to have flown past and yet University seems like forever ago! Looking back at the goals I made for this year I've realised they haven't quite gone to plan! But hey ho. 

The goals I made for 2014 were:

  • to get his canter sorted: we are getting better! Since his 3 month holiday his canter seems to be better than ever though we do need some fine tuning! He needs to work a little bit more from behind but I think he tires out which causes him to get flat. Hopefully once he's a bit fitter he will lift up better and not just pull and nearly fall over :/
  • try to jump more regularly: this has not happened! I think the last time we jumped was around April. Obviously the three month holiday didn't help matters & now he's coming back into work still. We have been doing more pole work and hopefully we'll build up to doing some odd jumping more often. 
  • volunteer more: I have done the odd dressage writing this year and also did car parking at Osberton (though strictly speaking, that wasn't volunteering!). Next year I aim to do some charity running/biking events and potentially help at more events as that's the area I still want to work in. 
  • get fitter: this is one of those that resurfaces year after year as I'm not too good at sticking to it! However, fingers crossed 2015 is the year that it will happen! 
This brings me onto the goals I aim for 2015:
  • to get to unaffiliated novice: his canter is getting so much better and hopefully after some lessons we'll have activities to focus on to help him lift his back and get more power from behind. I am also planning on joining a local riding club so that I can get out to more clinics and competitions. 
  • to participate in charity runs & get fitter: I seriously need to work on this one as I feel that Pea could work better if I strengthened my core and was fitter. I have a load of people behind me on twitter knowing my aim so I have no excuses! 
To be honest, they are the main goals I have for 2015, but at least with only two it means that I have a better chance of sticking to them! 

What are your plans for 2015? 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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