Monday, 22 December 2014

[Product Review] Horslyx Licks


I've been a bit quieter on the blog as I've not had many ideas in mind. Luckily, a good hack out on Pea always seems to give me a few ideas! One product that I buy which I often overlook is the Horslyx licks. Pea loves these and definitely prefers them to the likit ones; I think this is because the likit ones work if you have the holder which I don't - plus the swinging one would drive him mad and he'll end up ignoring it! 

Last Saturday (13th Dec) I got Pea clipped and the lick came in great use as a distraction and the small ones are really easy to hold without it becoming too hard for the horse to use. Normally Pea is sedated for clipping but I couldn't get anyone out when the vet was out so I took the risk to not sedate him but grabbed some sedalin instead just in case. Turns out that I didn't need the sedalin as he was actually a perfect saint but the lick came in handy for when he started to get a bit bored and a bit antsy. 

Horslyx are good as they are not completely full of sugar but do also contain a nutritionally balanced formula so I don't feel quite so bad when I forget to take it out his stable at night! (Luckily, Pea won't spend all night having it, I think he just has the odd lick and that's it!). There are four different types - original, mint, respiratory and garlic - so there's a good choice. Pea often has the mint as that's the one that I can normally find but he's also had the original and respiratory once - I am actually planning on grabbing the respiratory one as a bit of a Christmas present! 

There are three sizes - the mini which is perfect for clipping, stretches or taking out to shows as a treat, the 5kg which is a good size tub and lasts a while so is great for leaving in the stable, especially if they're in for a while and the 15kg which is a field type sized so good if they're out in individual or paired turnout and there's not a great deal of grass - I don't think they would go down too great in my field with 10-20 horses out! 

The one downsize is the orange muzzle Pea gets from them which he likes to then pass onto you when he decides to rub his nose over your coat or if you give a treat afterwards! Or, as I once accidentally did in that I forgot to take it out the night before a competition when he'd had a bath so he decided to wipe it all over his legs! Not helpful! 

Overall, I love the horslyx product range and they are the lick company that I will always go back to as I know that Pea gets on with them really well! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

Ps: apologies for the not so great photos, Pea wasn't being very cooperative! It didn't help that his friends all came galloping to the gate when he was outside the field on his way in so he had a few rears and tantrums!

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