Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

In honour of today being Halloween, I thought I'd share some of my favourite equestrian themed pumpkin carvings. Each year I think about trying one of these out, but instead I just stick to my 'scary faces' carvings - much easier!

I definitely love the carousel one! The amount of detail that has gone into it is incredible and hats off to whoever the person is that created it. I definitely wouldn't have the patience for all that detail! I also love the top two which look so simple yet so amazing!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Physio Time

Pea's had about a week off due to me doing 14 hour shifts at work and then going to Disney Land for the weekend but yesterday he had Etti, our physio, out again. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of his behaviour but I had also noticed that he started leaning quite badly on the right rein, especially when he was in canter. This causes us issues when riding as I can feel how hard he finds it to bend round corners and thus falls to the outside before pulling up short and breaking back into trot. 

Etti gave Pea a good work over and we chatted about what issues we've been having, what my instructor has said and also what happened when Alex from Oakham vets looked at him and he had his x-rays/scans. She agrees with me that it seems like there must be something a bit wrong with him to cause his naughtiness but she couldn't pinpoint it to just one area. Instead, she thinks it might be that he's actually a bit stiff all over and therefore needs help loosening up as when she performed a few movements he was really stiff at first, to the point where he didn't want to lift his legs for her, but the more she tried it, the better he got. She's also suggested that we keep doing lots of polework but doing more in walk at first to really loosen him up. Etti's told me to keep the poles to a short distance, so four of my feet together, and walk over them a few times, either ridden or in-hand, as this will get him to lift his legs up more. 

Etti's also going to have a chat with Alex as she thinks it might be worth trying Pea on a bute trial where we put him on bute for four weeks to see if that helps him at all. It's a bit of a pain that we can't pinpoint one thing being wrong with Pea but fingers crossed if we do do the bute trial, then that might help, although I don't really want him to be on bute full time :/ 

For now, we're just going to do lots of pole work and not school him too many days in a row so maybe instead school him one day, hack the next, then maybe school again before lunging the day after. This way, his muscles have a day of recovery and it means that I can keep Pea happy in work without causing him to get too annoyed! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

Monday, 19 October 2015

X-Rays & Scans for Pea

Not the greatest photo! & please mind the mucky pony!

Pea has had a lump on his stifle which has been there for about a year or two. He got it checked when it first appeared and Alex, our vet from Oakham, didn't think it was anything to worry about but to keep an eye on it. However, with Pea's recent behaviour, I decided it was worth getting it checked to be 100% sure it wasn't anything to worry about. 

We trotted him up before Vicki clipped the area where the lump is. He was a little saint for the whole thing and I found it rather amusing when Vicki mentioned that Alex refers to him as 'the Legend'! Not sure if it's a good thing or not but hey ho! I stepped out the stable whilst he was being x-rayed, which he ended up needing to be sedated for as he decided to show how handy he can be with his back legs! They took quite a few images at different view points but they all showed that the lump is not bony at all. It also showed that there's no arthritis but that there is an area where the bone is more dense which could be due to a previous kick that we weren't aware of. 

Following the x-rays, the lump was then scanned. It was fascinating to see the scan as I've only ever seen still images. It all looks a little bit complicated but it shows that the lump is on top of a ligament. It doesn't appear to be joined to the ligament but Vicki wanted to check with Alex to be 100% certain. However, she did say that it's very unlikely to be causing any of his behavioural issues. 

I'm quite glad that I had it investigated, although I'm not looking forward to the bill :( Pea's now having a week off whilst I'm working and then I go away for the weekend. When I return he's having the physio as he's been leaning in a lot in canter, especially on the right rein so I want to get that investigated a bit. 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

Friday, 16 October 2015

[Laura Loves] Rydale's Malham Westbury Leather Boots

Rydale Westbury Boots in Chestnut; £90

When I discovered that Rydale had had a bit of a 'makeover' with their website, I was in heaven! I've loved Rydale for quite a few years now after wondering into their stand at Burghley. Now they're a regular feature and I love that they offer something for everyone and at affordable prices! My tweed jacket is from there that my Mum and Dad bought me a couple of years ago and it's a perfect winter staple. 

These boots, are next on my wishlist (along with numerous other items!) as they are absolutely gorgeous! They come in two colours, the 'classic' Chestnut, as featured above, which is my personal favourite, or a slightly darker shade called 'Oak'. 

I love the tassle on the zip and the website explains that the boots have a breathable textile lining along with a thick walking sole and deep, rugged treads. In my eyes, this will make them perfect for those countryside dog walks! On the other hand, they would also look equally as stylish walking round town whilst doing some shopping. 

I am definitely thinking of picking a pair of these up after my next pay day or maybe for Christmas ;)

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Making Progress

After a bit of a rubbish September, October so far seems to be going quite well. He still has a bit of a grumble when I first ask for trot but he finally seems to have realised that it's best to listen for a change!

He has also been going really well as of late and seems to be really starting to work hard. He is starting to soften into a contact better, although he can sometimes get a bit sluggish in his movements so I'm trying to incorporate lots of transitions. This will also, hopefully, get him to stop misbehaving!! 

I've got the physio coming out at the end of the month to have a look at him again. There's nothing major, however I have noticed that he's quite unbalanced on the right rein, especially in canter. On the lunge, he literally looks like he's motorbiking round the circle and when I ride him, he immediately tries backing off when I do a turn in canter. I'm also thinking of getting an 'equiami' to see if that will help him. 

Fingers crossed, October carries on going well! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

Sunday, 4 October 2015

[Monthly Review] September 2015

I honestly cannot believe that we're into October! This year is flying by!

September hasn't been the greatest month if I'm truly honest. I've been having a few behavioural issues with Pea over the past month which has slowly been getting me down, before I finally decided to give myself a good kick up the backside and now I've decided that October is going to be a bit of a bootcamp month for Pea! 

On the plus side, Pea's hacking has been coming on better. He's generally not too bad out hacking but he can be so spooky over the silliest of things! The yard made a couple of new fields out on our hacking route so there's new fencing and gates. Normally nothing to be worried about. Pea, however, had completely different plans and the first time he saw the new gate he span round and tried to bugger off with me!! The next time, he froze no where near it and took a lot of persuading to go near to go the other way! I then decided we'd go the opposite way where he has to go past the whole fencing and everything which cause a few slow steps and some strong leg before he finally got past the first gate. Going up the track between the new fence and another fence caused one or two issues but the main one was when we got to the hill and the hedge had gone. He had no idea what to make of that despite the fact he used to spook at the hedge when it was there! Such an idiot! After a few more adventures out that way, he is now a lot happier and we can now trot up the hill! There's still a little way before we can return to cantering up the hill but at least he's now finally getting more confident! 

As mentioned, October is going to be a bit of a bootcamp month as I'm determined to get to the bottom of Pea's naughtiness and hopefully get some dressage tests done. He's seeing the vet in a couple of weeks to check on a lump and I will have a chat with him about any possible back issues but he will also be seeing the physio at the end of the month. He's now clipped which will make working him easier and then will be coming in at night, probably nearer the end of the month. Fingers crossed a little dressage pony appears somewhere along the lines!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx