Monday, 29 December 2014

Favourite Photos of 2014


I was browsing through some photos the other day of Pea and decided I would put together a few of my favourites from this year. Unfortunately I never seem to have many of me riding him so I will have to make sure this changes for 2015! 

The first photo is one of my absolute favourites! It makes me realise that I should really jump him more often! The second makes me realise that although early mornings are just not my thing, the beautiful sunrises and his little happy face makes it all worth while! I don't know why the fourth one is one of my favourites seeing as he's caked in mud after just being turned out but I think it's just because that's how he is, he nearly always rolls when I turn him out and turning him out wet = muddy pony! The last one shows him looking at the minis that are in a field when we go out hacking and he hates them! Six years on and he still won't go near them! 

The first one in this just shows what Pea is like at times! I was mucking his stable out and tied him under the loft to come back and find that he had untied himself and was waiting patiently at the entryway area! He could have easily ran off! The second is my little niece leading him after I had just competed him; she absolutely adores him and always wants to come and see him! 3 = Pea being good at selfies! He's forever sticking his nose in the camera making it difficult to get decent ones at times! The middle row are some my dad took the other day with the middle one making me smile at his little face! 7 is the way he looks slightly upset at having to wear his hood out to the field! 8 is my absolute favourite and 9 is the fact that he's so lazy when he's laying in the field that he'll happily let me sit on him and take lots of photos as he really doesn't want to get up and do work! 

Hope you like this photos! It was so hard choosing just a few (okay, maybe more than a few) but he can be so photogenic at times!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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