Sunday, 3 November 2013

[Monthly Review] October 2013

Well October has been a quiet month. As I mentioned in my last blog post (read it here), Pea had three/four weeks off waiting for a Chiro to be able to come out. Since then, he has been in light work, just building it up over the weeks. 

The first week consisted of just walking and increasing the trotting, so he was only doing about 20 - 30 minutes work, with the majority being walk. In the second week we increased the trotting and I think Pea started getting bored of just walking and trotting along as half way through the second week he decided it would be a great idea to canter off! Luckily he felt really good, though it was short and he decided to do a massive spook at the horses in his field! After two weeks we were finally allowed to start cantering! Pea was actually really calm the first time we did an 'allowed' canter, very different to the past two days when he had decided to canter on his own free will and took full advantage! However, he has now done a week of cantering, increasing it as the week progressed and he feels really good! Definitely makes waking up early to ride before lectures twice a week worth while! All this work has been done out hacking as it's much more relaxed and no tight turns or anything and I think he has enjoyed it! He has been rather cheeky though, spooking at hedges or gaps in hedges or even a gateway that I thought he had finally gotten over after 5 years, and properly taking spooking to the extreme by launching to the side! He then casually walks past a 100 odd people at the yard on a conference who were shouting a bit perfectly fine...seriously?! 

Early morning hacks like this are perfect
I'm currently considering stabling him at night this year as we're meant to have a particularly cold winter and last year the muscles in his hindquarters got really tight from the cold. He's currently in during the day at the moment and he's well rugged up at night but I'm hoping that someone will eventually employ me, just got to persuade my dad, though the cost won't be much different to now! I think Pea is also wanting to be stabled now as he's rather reluctant about going out...he's seriously getting spoilt and knows he has me round his little finger, so to speak! 

November has started well. I schooled him for the first time in nearly 2 months and he was so well behaved, even with another horse sharing the arena and yesterday he willingly hacked in the rain without napping or anything! Starting to think someone's swapped my horse! Fingers crossed it lasts and November brings about good changes in his schooling. As usual, I shall let you know in the round-up at the end of the month! Scary to think how we've nearly finished 2013!

Thanks for reading!
Laura & Pea x