Wednesday, 15 April 2015

[Monthly Review] March 2015

First of all, apologies this is so late! March seemed to have literally flown by and I had posts scheduled without even realising we were already progressing through April!! 

March was again a quiet month with lots of walk, trot work, pole work and hacking. After my lesson in February (which you can read here) where my instructor felt that he didn't seem to want to put weight behind, I ended up just working him in large circles, getting him a bit looser and generally not asking too much from him. About half way through March, Pea decided he wasn't too keen on just walking and trotting in the arena and was also a bit lack lustre about hacking. Therefore, he felt it a great idea to 'play' up a bit in the arena as an attempt to canter. In the end, I gave in as he was clearly up for it but I made sure it was mainly just down the long side of the arenas (luckily we have two very large arenas at my yard!) and that no tight turns were involved. Clearly this is what Pea was after as he got so excited about cantering in the arena, despite the fact that he was allowed to canter out hacking yet that was a bit of a kick along affair!!

I put Pea on the vet visit list for the end of March as the week leading up to it, I felt that
he became really stiff behind and he just lost enthusiasm about work making it really hard to get him moving forward. Annoyingly the vet reckoned there wasn't anything wrong with him but to try out hind shoes and see how that helps. He's had them on about a week now and I'm still not 100% convinced so might check again with the vet next week when Pea has his jabs, although his work has come on leaps and bounds!!

I was hoping to get Pea out at the end of the month to a competition for second round trailblazers, however Dad has informed me that our trailer and car aren't up to the job anymore unfortuantely, especially as the venue is a bit of a trek so it looks like we might be staying at home for a while. At least I can work on really fine tuning us and I'm thinking of entering some of E-dressages classes which you can do at home! (Worth a look if you can't get out competing!). 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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