Monday, 6 April 2015

DIY Ideas with Stirrup Irons

The majority of us will all have some old equestrian items of tack knocking around in a shed/tack room/garden that we know we should sort out but never get round to. Therefore, I've decided to feature a couple of DIY ideas starting with ways you can recycle old stirrup irons that might be hanging around waiting for a new lease of life! 

(All the images came from Pinterest)

This idea is what actually started my idea for the post! There's a house in my local town which has a stirrup iron as a door knocker, and whilst this one isn't quite a DIY that we'd all do, the one I've seen looks simple to make! I think it adds that touch of equestrian without being too over the top. You could just grab an old stirrup iron, polish it up a bit and then hang with an old stirrup leather, cut a bit shorter. I'm trying to persuade Dad to let me make one for out front door and would definitely have one when I get my own place!

I think this would look great on the edge of a mantle piece or on a floating shelf to hold together some classic equestrian books. You could maybe attach a bit of plywood to the bottom and paint in a metallic colour or something to use as a base if preferred. 

I really like this idea and I'm planning on scavenging round my yard at the weekend to find an old horse shoe to recreate this using one of my favourite photo's of pea that's currently sitting on the corner of my bookcase in a broken photo frame. It looks so simple to recreate and the rustic stirrup iron makes it look quite authentic. Keep your eyes peeled for a possible post if I get round to making this! 

This idea would be great if you have a guest bathroom or a second toilet. It looks so much better than a normal towel rack (well in my opinion anyway!) and, again, adds that bit of personalisation with the equestrian theme. (The towel's a good extra too!). 

If anyone manages this as a DIY project then I applaud you! I suppose it shouldn't technically be featured but I just love these! They are so quirky yet so simple! I would definitely think of purchasing these (or researching just how hard they are to make!). 

Do you fancy giving any of these a try? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx


  1. Definitely fancy trying the bookends one! Love that idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. Let me know how you get on! & no problem :) x