Wednesday, 24 September 2014

[Laura Loves] Autumn inspired outfit


This feature - Laura Loves - is to replace Wednesday Wishlist, as lets be honest, they were rarely posted on a Wednesday! These will not necessarily be every week but will hopefully be quite frequently. They will be similar to the wishlists, but will feature outfit inspirations, interior design inspirations, products I like the look off, things like that! Please let me know what you think of this feature! 

So, let's start with today's post! This is an outfit which I think works well for autumn. Autumn is possibly my favourite season, as is winter, as I just love wrapping up in cosy jumpers whilst at home/out shopping or wherever, and for the yard wearing nice rugby tops and hoodies with gilets. What's not to love?! I find summer so much harder, especially riding wise, as no matter what you wear to the yard, you will get unbelievably hot, plus there's fewer places to stash your phone, money, treats, keys, etc! So much hassle! 

Charles James Fox - £26

I'm tempted to invest in a base layer this year, as I normally just buy a couple of long sleeve tops from Primark which obviously aren't that great at wicking away sweat. In the autumn, it can always be a bit of trouble deciding whether to wear a hoodie or not as the weather can be so deceiving! So I think putting a base layer followed by a polo and then a gilet is the perfect combination! 

Joules - £29.95
I'm pretty sure that when you think of polo tops, one of the first brands to come into mind is Joules! I used one of there's as an example as they are really nice and last really well too! Also if you ever get a chance to pop to one of their big sales (not the general in-store ones) I would definitely go! I've been a few times with Mum and you can get such good bargains! I went a few months ago and picked up a few things, one of my favourite being a nice duffle type coat with hood that was only £25 and when I got home I saw the label advertised it for £170-£180! Complete bargain! A few other polo brands I like are Ralph Lauren (Dad bought me one once as a surprise from the outlet shop in Bicester!) and also Toggi. 

Jack Wills - £89.50

Okay, I have to make a confession here! For my 18th, my mum and I went half and half on a Jack Wills gilet very similar to this one, only to make the promise that I wouldn't wear it at the yard. That lasted about a year or two! Oops! However, it is just so nice to ride in and I love the hood with it - I think Pea does too as he often tries eating it when I bring him in! It is the perfect way to keep warm without needing a jacket and the pockets are perfect for treats, mobiles, keys, etc. It is so hard to find gilets with zips on the pockets but this one does! It is generally one of my most worn items!

John Whitaker - £55
My local tack store has started to stock these John Whitaker breeches and I'm forever tempted to buy some! They are such nice quality and I love the grey colour! I prefer breeches to jodphurs but I'm not so keen on the huge difference in price!

Riding Sock Co - £6.99

I bought these socks a few weeks ago from a local tack store and I am in love with them! The colouring in this picture isn't that great but I have a picture on my instagram of the orange ones (@lauracb_93) and they are reasonably bright! They are just so comfy, a good thickness and I just love the colours! 

Kanyon Boots from Mole Valley Farmers - £89.95

I bought these a few weeks back, just after Burghley as I was originally going to buy some Toggi ones but nowhere at Burghley had my size so I popped into my local tack store and found these instead. I'm hoping they are going to last me a while as I get through wellies ridiculously fast! Country boots always look so stylish and are perfect for horses or country walks. 

Let me know if you liked this post! Also what are your perfect autumn outfits?

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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