Saturday, 13 September 2014

All the Small Things #3

I haven't properly featured Pea on here for a while, nor have I done one of these posts for a while so I thought that I would incorporate the two :)

If you want to read the other parts, here are the links:

#1: He has some weird love affair with trying to nibble at my hair or my hood when I bring him in. I have no idea why but he always does it at least once, and it's mainly only when we're walking through the field to the gate! 

#2: Pea hates people who are in places he deems they shouldn't be. He properly freaks out if we're out hacking and he sees people walking, or if they're in a field or on the jump cross field! The other week I was bringing him in and someone was sat on the jump cross field so he tried to spin round and go back to his field...not helpful!

#3: When I go to catch him in the dark during winter to bring him in for the night, he thinks it's great to hide behind his friends. It's bad enough that his field is humongous so I'm walking round for ages in the pitch black trying to find the horses, and then have to look longer to find him! 

#4: I have a lot of pictures of him like this! Normal pictures are just not his style! Or he's getting in to the 'selfie' craze!

#5: If he is the slightest bit wet when you turn him out, he will roll and often ends up looking more bay than grey! Normally he waits for me to turn around to walk away before he rolls, but if he's wet it's like some crazy need of his that he hardly waits for the head collar to come off first! Top tip: don't buy a grey ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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