Monday, 8 September 2014

Burghley Buys 2014


I thought that I would do a post on the things that I bought from Burghley Horse Trials this year as I don't know about you, but I love having a nosy at what people buy!

First of all is probably an item many of you can guess if you have read the past few blog posts of mine...

Champion AirTech - £89.95

Yes! I finally have my new hat! This is actually what my 21st present from my parents was, I've just had to wait a month! It is the Champion Airtech helmet, and oh my isn't it gorgeous! Okay, the picture really isn't that great but I love it! I am so excited to wear this riding tomorrow!

Roma Stretch Hood - £18.95

I've also bought Pea a stretch hood. This is one which I think also goes over the face and is just a black elastic one as he has the blue zip up full face one, but I have decided to grab this one and not use the face bit but have it up to his ears. The bottom part of his mane always rubs away over winter and his shoulder guard didn't seem to help (I've not lost it), so over the summer it would slowly grow, just to get rubbed over winter. Therefore, I've decided to use a full neck hood which hopefully will stop this! However, the zip up ones were more expensive/couldn't be found so I just grabbed this one :)

Horze Ines Show Shirt - £26.99

I'm not sure how well you can see this from the pictures as they aren't very good, but I finally got a new show shirt which is so nice! It's a stretchy fabric (I bought one size down than I normally do!) and has such gorgeous buttons! The collar can be either a stock collar or tie collar, and there's also some navy thing which I'm not sure what it is but it might be another collar? It's so nice and I am planning on buying a navy spotted stock to go with it! So excited to get out competing again, just have to wait to know about what I'm doing after placement and get him back into work!

Norton Lead Rope - £6.50

I have been thinking about buying a new lead rope for a short while now as I have my leather head collar, and then also a spare nylon one, however, only one lead rope. So I decided to grab another lead rope and then use my old one as a spare one. A lot of Pea's things are navy or brown, so although this is a light blue it still goes with his stuff and I just really like it! 

Rydale Ava Stripe Shirt - £9.99
These shirts were actually two for £18 so my mum also bought one, saving a pound :) You can't really tell from the picture but it's a light blue stripe and it's long sleeved. When you turn the cuff back, it's pink and white striped and this is the same on the underside of the collar. It is so soft that I almost don't want to wash it and it's so comfy (I've been wearing it today!). Mine fits me really well but Mum reckons hers is slightly tight which is odd! However, I absolutely love it and it's such a steal at less than £10!

Horseware Ireland Socks - £8
I haven't properly taken these out of the packaging but they are long socks and I need more riding socks! I've recently bought two pairs from the riding sock company (I think that's who) which are so nice and then I saw these on sale at Burghley and decided that I had to get these too! You can never have too many riding socks! 

That's all I bought at Burghley, though the next day I did pop into my local tack shop and bought some country style boots which will hopefully last me longer than wellies! I also very nearly bought some rugs at Burghley, and there's one in my tack shop which I might buy - luckily I do have an excuse that it's a MW stable rug which he'll need when I finally sort out a job/place to live/place for Pea to live! 

Would you like to see my other recent horse buys? 

I will also have a Burghley round-up post shortly! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx


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