Thursday, 11 September 2014

[Laura Loves] The Dog & Dobbin

I'm starting to think that I should give this a new name as I seem to often miss Wednesdays! However, this week I couldn't decide what to feature and then when I did decide upon something, it was late and I wanted to sleep instead!

However, I have got a wishlist! This week features 'The Dog and Dobbin'. I found this feature during #equestrianhour on twitter, and my god do they have some gorgeous stuff! The company has horse and dog themed gifts (in my case - for myself!) and accessories and honestly they just have so much nice stuff from mugs to jewellery! I know this is an equine blog, but I'm going to feature some of the dog inspired ones as well! Luckily they do relate so it's all good :) 

Snaffle Cuff Silver & Gold - £60

Typically, one of the pieces I love has to be one of the most expensive! This is simply gorgeous though! It's quite delicate looking and I love the contrast between the silver and gold. I hate bulky jewellery and rarely wear bracelets but I know that this would very rarely leave my wrist! Might just have to do some sweet talking to my parents! Or save up...

Folky Horse Design Cushion - £35
I actually really like this cushion! I know it might not be for everyone but I think it's so quirky and unique and will really stand out! It's so different to all the other horse designed cushions that are out there, and proves that an equestrian theme can be quite fun! 

Large Silhouette Mug - Terrier - £11.25
I have a bit of a love affair with mugs and have to resist so hard when I find ones I like and right now I want one of these in all colours! They have a French bulldog one as well which I really like but I think the terrier one does slightly over rule! They're just so colourful and cute, how can you not like them?!

Beagle Print Scarf - £8
Ahhh I am in LOVE with this scarf! I can't actually decide which colour I love best but the print is just so nice! It's a beagle print with a cute little red nose! Seriously adorable! I love scarves (I blame my friend for getting me more obsessed with them) and they're just such a nice way to spice up an outfit! I'm finding it rather hard to resist buying this so it may *accidentally* be delivered through my front door in the not too far future! 

I hope you liked this post and be sure to go check out their website! Though you might regret it when you want to buy virtually everything! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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