Sunday, 5 October 2014

[Monthly Review] September 2014

There's not a great deal to report on for September but I thought I would still give a little update all the same. 

The first weekend I just took Pea for a little hack and the second I lunged him as I was short of time. However, as I asked for trot he didn't look quite right. No one was around to have a look at him so I tried popping him into trot again and he decided to take off into canter and have a bronking fit. This was partly due to him hardly working so having a lot of excess energy and thus using the green barrel as an excuse but I think it was also partly due to his back. As I am still away on placement, I have decided to hold off getting the chiro out as there is little point when I am not here to ride him. Instead, I am just going to walk him over a few poles and maybe also trot over them to get him lifting his back up a bit more which I have been told will be fine and then once I finish placement (3 weeks to go!) the first thing we do is get the chiro out! 

I honestly cannot wait to get back riding, though I am slightly apprehensive about how Pea will react! Giving him these 3 months off has been horrid and I have really missed competing! However, fingers crossed this holiday will hopefully mean that once his back is sorted and his fitness is back, he will, fingers crossed, start working better! Though I must, must, must remember to incorporate more pole work once we start regular work again! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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