Wednesday, 3 September 2014

[Laura Loves] ASDA Homewares

This weeks wishlist is slightly different than previously. This week, I am going to show you some pieces that George Home at ASDA have in that are equestrian themed. Normally, I don't go for too much horse items at home (I don't want to come across as a crazy horse lady!!) however, these items are just too nice! I love ASDAs home range - they always have so many nice items!

Pink Horse Cushion - £8
First is this cushion. I love cushions, but I never stick with a theme so I've decided that I'm just going to carry on buying the ones I like and when I get my own place, I'll work out a way for them to look right! This cushion is actually sold out online! Clearly proves how popular it is as it's new in!

Horse Shoe Hanging Ornament - £5

I'm pretty sure that this is more the type of thing that horse owners/riders will probably be more inclined to make themselves using their own horses' shoes, however, I still think it's a pretty cool thing that ASDA have come up with - although it does seem rather bland!

Horse Ornament - £18

This is the type of thing that would look so good on a mantlepiece or shelving unit, especially in a country style designed house. 

Annoyingly, I cannot find some of the other products I wanted to include, so I'm guessing they've maybe stopped selling them? Though I'm hoping that they are still in store... I've also lost the link for the cushion, but it is meant to be new in so hopefully it will be back on site soon! 

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