Friday, 1 May 2015

[Product Review] NAF Off Citronella Tags

NAF off citronella fly tags are a must have product for me during the summer. I find them highly effective and pick them up each summer (this is my third year of using them I think). They are easy to use and I attach them onto the bridle (you can just about see it in the photo above). As I am going on holiday Saturday, I am planning on plaiting one into Pea's mane for the week as he suffers badly with the flies and often ends up with a few bumps from fly bites. I find that when Pea is wearing one of these when being ridden, he is very rarely bothered by flies - especially round his head. 

According to the NAF website, the tag contains citronella oil which is "contained within a special compartment of the tag which makes it durable, waterproof and convenient to use." I have trialled with various fly sprays over the years but never found them truly effective and Pea would still get a bit bothered, especially out hacking, however with the tags he's perfectly happy. They do have a strong scent (when you first take them out the packet and place them where you want you will smell it for the rest of the day) and they last for about 4-6 weeks. 

They rrp at around £9-£10 and you get two to a pack. I normally only use them on the bridle but as I mentioned above, I will be plaiting one into Pea's mane for whilst I am away and I know some people from my yard have used them this way and got on well with them. They take up no space at all and can be attached on the bridle, headcollar, plaited into the mane or tail or I suppose you could even hang them in the stable. Being waterproof means you can happily plait one into the mane and turn your horse out with them without worrying that they will lose effectiveness as unlike fly sprays, the rain won't wash it away! 

Do you have any fly products you recommend? As mentioned, Pea suffers quite badly so I'd love to hear about any products you love!

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Laura xx


  1. We have a really good fly product in New Zealand that is 'tested on humans' first haha. A guy and his wife make it themselves with all natural products, and it's called Faark Off - so wins bonus points for funnies!

    However, these sound FANTASTIC - especially if you can plait them into manes. Will have to see how easy it would be to DIY one, and if that fails, get one of my English relatives to pop one in the post!

    1. Haha I love the name!! Unfortunately Pea did lose his, however to be fair it was a week & the only thing he keeps on in the field is a rug but they work great on his bridle & others don't have an issue keeping them in their mane! haha!