Monday, 18 May 2015

[#LBEqFit] Join In!

I am currently on a mission to get fit as it is rather embarrassing just how unfit I really am! I often work Pea quite a bit in order to keep him fit but I've realised just how unfair I'm being expecting him to be fit for his work and work well when I am far from riding fit! 

There's a bit of a vicious circle when it comes to riding and fitness. If you are aware of BEF's Hoof initiative (I worked on a collaborative project with them for my dissertation) then you will be aware that one of their 'selling points' in order to get more people riding is by saying that it gets you fit. In some ways I suppose it does, just like any sport. However, I've been riding 15+ years and whilst I suppose I'm fitter than if I didn't do any sport, I'm not fit enough for the riding I do. I'm guessing it's maybe like a majority of other sports in that if you just ride a few times a week and nothing major, maybe just a hack, then I suppose you don't majorly need to do anything else to get you fit. However, the more you ride and the more you focus on it such as competing or schooling or trotting the majority of the hack route, then I think maybe riders need to be fitter?! It's hard to explain in a way and I really hope I'm not offending anyone but as I mentioned, I'm seriously unfit so...

Therefore, I've come up with the hashtag LBEqFit on instagram & thought I'd let anyone else join in because, as they say, it helps to have people join in with you to keep you motivated. Now I just want to say that you will not see hundreds of healthy food posts or gym pictures or anything like that because a) I don't really eat as healthily as I should, plus there's too much of that around and b) you are highly unlikely to ever find me in a gym - I'm to self-conscious for that so I'm more likely to drag myself out in the fresh air for a run or attempting a workout in my home! This is just something I've come up with for anyone who, like me, needs that little bit of motivation. You don't have to be a hardcore fitness fanatic (though if you are, I highly salute you!!), even just going for a walk helps. I've signed up for a 5k that I'm doing in a few weeks and I'm also thinking of doing a 10k in September (pshh, I can't even run 5k at the moment! haha!) so that's currently my motivation to drag myself out running a few times a week even if I've been on the early shift at work & then done Pea & all I really want to do is collapse on the sofa eating chocolate and watching films. 

So, if you're on Instagram (my username is @lauracb_93) and want to join in by posting pictures of your scenic views or food options or anything really then just put #LBEqFit in your description box thing of the photo and I look forward to seeing them :)

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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  1. Great idea! I just followed you on Instagram. I'm @susanwordlover. Don't look at my latest Instagram. It's the opposite of fitness food. :)