Monday, 11 May 2015

[Competition Report] E-Dressage Intro A; April 2015

Helloo! I'm back from my holiday & now blogging can resume! Before I went away, I entered E-Dressage's Intro A test & I had my score sheet waiting for me when I returned (though I admit that the envelope confused me as I thought it was a card of some sort & it's not my birthday for a while! haha!). 

Pea scored 69.13%, coming about 16th I think! I had planned on doing the Prelim as well but Pea had a few arguments about canter so we decided to stick with just the intro. I am pleased with the comments we gained, especially as the test we filmed was after our canter tantrums so it wasn't the best! We had started off indoors & did a nice run through but I was talking as I thought I'd gone wrong due to going in the opposite direction of the letters so dad could film with decent lighting. However, the outdoor came free so we moved out there which Pea wasn't best pleased about but hey ho! 

He scored a majority of sevens with two sixes (one for the first CL as we were slightly left and the other for free walk as we're still working on encouraging him to stretch in it) and then an 8 for the halt. The judge's comments at the end were: "Rhythmic & obedient test. Nice activity & attitude but could work more over the back into a softer, rounder outline." I'm really pleased with these comments, especially the obedience & attitude comments as previously it was the opposite when Pea decided to add in his own movements (ie handstands). We are trying hard to work on him being softer by incorporating lots of flexing as well as lateral work to loosen him up so fingers crossed we'll get there!

I would definitely recommend entering E-dressage if you are unable to get out and about competing as it's stress free and easy to do. The results are given quickly after the closing date & the score sheet arrives promptly too! It's simple to upload your video and you can wear whatever as long as you're smart (ie you don't have to be in show gear!). They do all levels from Intro to Elementary as well as a Freestyle to Music class. You can also become a member which includes various benefits. Check out for more information.

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  1. Very cool! I'd never heard of E-Dressage before -- what a neat concept!