Friday, 15 May 2015

[Product Review] Nettex Tack Conditioner

Riders are always told that they should regularly clean their tack, suggesting that it should be done after every ride in order to keep it in top condition. However, many of us don't. It's time consuming and a slight pain. I'm awful at cleaning my tack, I can leave it for weeks before cleaning it but then I came across this product! 

Net-tex Traditional Tack Cleaner is a "simple to use spray on and wipe off formula which provides efficient tack cleaning that removes dirt, sweat and grease whilst also waterproofing the leather." This means that you don't have to faff around with wiping the leather down with water first, and then applying the soap, etc etc. Instead, you simply spray on and wipe off with a clean sponge or cloth. I use this once a week on my tack (keeping the bridle together) and then I don't have to worry about it being neglected! I will also strip my bridle once a month or before a competition and give it a 'deep clean' with saddle soap, but at least with this I can give my bridle a quick go over with no hassle!

As you can probably see, I paid £4.50 for this little bottle which has lasted me a few months as you don't need to use endless amounts - a small squirt goes a long way! On viovet they have a 200ml spray for £3.99 and 500ml for £5.99. I would highly recommend this product if, like me, you aren't quite a tack cleaning fan and need something that's quick and easy whilst still being highly effective! 

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Laura xx

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