Sunday, 8 March 2015

Why Children Should Grow Up With Animals

I strongly believe that all children should grow up around animals. I don't necessarily mean that they should have a house full of pets as pets take a lot of responsibility and money which not everyone is able to provide. However, there are other ways to get them interacting with animals such as petting farms or family members who might have animals. 

I have had a cat in the house since I was born so I was bought up with an animal round the house so was instilled from a young age about how to treat them. I also had rabbits and then eventually a horse when I was around 12/13. I also remember when I was young (around 5) that my oldest sister had a German Shepherd dog and when they went on holiday, we would look after the dog. Being 5, I was obviously rather small and the dog, Susie, was probably more or less the same size as me on 4 legs! In the house we used to live in, there was the back garden of a reasonable size with the path leading to a short hallway and then the lounge and I remember how I used to stand at the end of the sofa when Susie would arrive because she'd run up the path and jump up at me and I thought it was hilarious how I fell back on the sofa! Many people would probably be quite shocked at how anyone could allow a large dog to run and jump on a small child, but I never saw any issues! She never once hurt me and she was the kindest dog (even my cat would chase her round the house when she tried to steal his food!). Yet, people end up with this idea that large dogs can be dangerous and injure children. Well not if they're trained properly and people keep an eye on them! 

Anyway, here are some reasons I believe children should grow up with animals:

#1: It teaches responsibility. 
#2: It teaches them how to behave around them.
#3: It provides a friend if you have one as a pet. 
#4: It probably helps toughen the immune system - many equestrians will know that hands are often forgotten to be washed before eating after being around the horse!
#5: It can provide them with a hobby/something to do as they grow older as well as potential career prospects. 
#6: It provides family time as you can take trips out to a local farm or zoo.

I'm sure the list could go on and on, but these are just a few key points. My 4 year old niece loves coming down to the yard with me and happily brings Pea in from the field (she's even helped bring two in once!) and she'll happily give him a brush and try to do his boots as well as knowing what his food is to give to him! She's also helped take dogs for a walk and helps give my cats their food/treats.

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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