Tuesday, 17 March 2015

[Laura Loves] Eskadron Spring/Summer 2015

You may remember a few weeks ago that I wrote a post featuring some of the products I liked from the Pikeur Spring/Summer Collection (if not, read it here). So, it makes sense to follow it with a post featuring some of the Eskadron collection...right?! As the two go hand in hand, they follow similar colour schemes and I love the new colours! The green is my favourite and the orange looks equally as nice and will suit Pea (I'm ginger so it's a bit hard for me!). 

BiColour Saddlecloth
If you're a regular reader of my blog then you will know that it's a given I'm going to feature at least one saddlecloth! This bicolour one is so nice and I genuinely don't know which colour I prefer - green, orange or navy with a hot pink stripe. Each colour is perfect for the upcoming season and the stripe just gives it that something extra. 

Jersey Stripe Sweat Cooler
Pea already has four fleeces so he really doesn't need a fifth, but this is so nice! It comes in the navy with the three different stripe colours at the back which is my favourite, or the green which is a bit too ott for my liking! The rug is made from high quality wicking material which would make it ideal for travelling if your horse builds up a bit of sweat and there's matching headcollars in the collection if you really want him/her to step off the ramp in style.

I'm really liking the lime green trend at the moment and there's a navy saddle cloth with lime green piping that I have my eye on so these would make the perfect combination. They will probably suit most colours of horses and are just a really nice spring/summer colour. However, if lime green isn't for you then there's also the option of grey, cyan, camouflage or olive!

There are various other saddlecloths, fly veils and grooming kits/bandage bags in the collection which are worth checking out but the above three are my favourite. 

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Laura xx

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  1. I love how Eskadron always uses really bright colors!