Saturday, 14 March 2015

Cheltenham Gold Cup Day [2015]

Yesterday, I was fortunate to head over to Cheltenham racecourse for Gold Cup day at the Festival. I love the festival after having gone two years ago to Ladies day (unfortunately I didn't go last year due to University) and this year myself and a friend decided to go for Gold Cup day. We had a fantastic day - although it was rather long after a 4am start and a 11:30pm finish! I would thoroughly recommend anyone and everyone to visit Cheltenham Festival on any day as it truly an incredible experience and such a lovely day out! It was so bittersweet as well with it being A P McCoys final festival (such a shame he didn't win though!). We booked tickets for the Tatterstalls area which is so good as it gives you access to the parade ring and shops as well as the Guinness Village. The grandstand is in a good location giving you a great view of the finish line as well as the whole course if you stand near the back (though it does get really crowded and slightly terrifying with everyone moving around!). 

One thing that came from the festival is the new rule that following a false alarm they have to do a standing start. In the sixth race they had a false start and it was chaos trying to get them to start again which made my friend and I question whether it's the right move or not... What are your opinions? 

Unfortunately my phone died literally five minutes after arriving so I didn't get many photos which I'm gutted about but hey ho! I think we're now planning on visiting Royal Ascot as well as some other summer races so keep an eye out for them! 

Also, would anyone be interested in a post on how to go to the races on more of a budget? I know so many people think it's quite expensive but it really needn't be! Let me know in the comments or twitter (@Lauraaa_CB).

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx 


  1. I'm always interested in tips for staying on budget! Sounds like tons of fun :-)

    1. thank you! I shall write a post for it then :)