Wednesday, 4 March 2015

[Product Review] Roma Lycra Hood

Last night on Twitter, I was having a discussion with a few people about how to keep greys clean and I realised that I hadn't done a product review of Pea's hood. It also coincides with a post done by Jess (GeeGee & Me) who featured a headless hood that I had been thinking of trying in an attempt to stop Pea's mane being rubbed. I have actually owned this hood for a few years now as I bought it in an attempt to keep Pea clean before competitions when he was living out full time.

I know that there is a bit of speculation around the use of hoods with many owners being understandably nervous due to the possibility of them causing harm. I have also heard some horror stories of them, however luckily for me I have never had any issues with mine! Before I purchased this one, I did look around a bit and I can understand how some can cause issues as there were ones for sale which you had to cut your own eye/ear holes out off and the sizing can be a bit off.

I think what makes the Roma one work so well is that it is a zip fastening and also there is an elasticated strap with buckle that does up where the girth sits. This means that the hood fits really well and I have never once had any issues with it slipping, nor is it too tight. The hood can be used in the stable and in the field - although one downside is that if there's a long period of heavy rainfall it does slightly rub but nothing major! Pea's not ever overheated in it either (obviously it is mainly used in Winter).

Another good point of this hood is that it's great value for money. I believe mine cost around £35 from a local tack store, where as the snuggy hood ones are twice the price! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone as I've had mine for years and use it to keep him clean before competitions or if the weather's meant to be a bit drizzly and I need to keep him dry and clean in order to ride after work.

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Laura xx

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