Monday, 16 February 2015

What's In A Name?

This is a slightly different post, but after reading the story of the police horse who was called Brian but police wanted to rename it, it got me thinking..What's in a name? (In case you haven't heard, Thames Valley Police wanted to rename the horse something more war-like such as Hercules or Thor as they believed Brian was too wimpy - needless to say, people objected so the horse is sticking with Brian!).

I think it's safe to say that 'Paddy' is a very popular horse name! There is currently two Paddy's in Pea's field - himself and another (much larger one) and I know of quite a few others who also have a Paddy! It's traditionally quite an Irish name (Pea is connemara x so it's understandable) and so you will undoubtedly find quite a few Irish breds with the same name. As for the Pea, I genuinely have no idea where that part came from, but if I'm honest I love it! As many of you know, I very rarely call Paddy Pea, Paddy...I literally always refer to him as Pea. However, many people seem to think it's just the letter P so it's odd having to spell it out for people when entering competitions or phoning the vet/physio etc!

After a quick Google search, I have found a website which claims that:
           "people with the name [Paddy] are excited by change, adventure & 
excitement. They're dynamic, visionary & versatile, 
able to make constructive use of freedom. 
They fight being restricted by rules. Tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent 
& able to make friends easily. May be restless & rebellious."
She Knows

Obviously, that definition is aimed at humans rather than horses, however there are a few elements which do, surprisingly, fit Pea such as the rebellious bit (for definite!), excited by adventure - even though he takes it in his stride, and he is rather intelligent. I was having a conversation with both the Physio and someone at my yard about how he hates doing the same thing too often and when he's learnt things, he'll have the odd days where he refuses to do it! As my physio & instructor rightly said - he can do it, he just chooses not to today! The quote below is quite good as it links with what someone at my yard said about how Pea will not always do what he's learnt or whatever is a sign of intelligence as it means he's thinking of other things unlike some horses which once they learn they'll do that, no questions asked! 

Do you know what your horses' name means? Or what do you think of the name Brian - worthy of a police horse?

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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