Friday, 20 February 2015

The Best Way To Start A Day

Misty sunrises + pony ears = a great morning

Luckily for me, on a Friday I start work later (half 9) and as it is now a lot lighter in the mornings, I decided to take advantage and hack Pea out this morning. What better way to start a working day than by tacking your horse up and setting out at 6:45am in the sunrise. Not entirely sure Pea fully agreed with me when he realized he wasn't getting breakfast and was instead being worked! I decided to brave him in just his snaffle which I started to regret on my way down the drive but actually he was perfect! As some of you may be aware, we can only canter out hacking or on the lunge in a very large space and so we've not been able to do much cantering as I haven't hacked in a few weeks. Hence, this is why I was a bit concerned hacking him in just his snaffle, first thing in the morning when he's been in all night and hasn't had a proper canter for a few weeks! Going down the drive he was looking at everything, and as soon as I asked for trot he was more than happy to oblige! Therefore, when I reached the straight section that we canter I expected a buck or two but no! He was forward going, but perfectly fine to stop if I asked and no two feet stand offs at all! Happy days! If only I could spend every morning like this!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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