Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine's Gifts For Your Horse

Now, I'm pretty sure that it's a well known fact among equestrians that our main other half in our life is our horse. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here are some gift ideas for your horse.

#1: Treats
The way to the majority of our horse's hearts will always be food. This is definitely true for Pea who always knows when I've not given him the other carrot that's in my pocket and he'll always fish out those that I've hidden in his hay within 5 minutes. One of his favourite treats (well I guess it is) is a horslyx. I have featured this on the blog before as they are great for all sorts of reasons such as stretches, distraction aids during vet visits or clipping or as a general treat. They come in a variety of sizes and flavours so are suited for a majority of horses.

Another company that is well known is Likit. Again, these produce various licks in an even wider variety of flavours as well as making treat balls and snack bars. Or if licks aren't for you or your horse then Spillers do a range of treats in different flavours with some having beneficial factors such as Meadow Herb with Biotin or with Glucosamine. The Bailey's treat tub is also a firm favourite of Pea's with him constantly trying to break into it or knock in on the floor in the hope they'll fall everywhere. The tub is also handy to use afterwards as either a wash bucket, skip bucket for when you pick out their feet or just as a storage tub.

#2: Bridle
Horze is a Scandinavian company who I feel are growing in popularity in the UK. They have a mix of collections which vary in price so will suit everyone's budget. My favourite is the Diamond bridle at just £41.99. Annoyingly it's in black only but luckily with a grey I suppose he suits both! The noseband piece goes over the top for extra comfort and it comes with a gorgeous sparkly browband!

However, if you don't want to buy a new bridle, there are many browband companies such as Bespoke Browbands or Equiture. Equiture have a whole range of gorgeous diamante browbands (and other products) which are available in a very large array of colours so definitely worth a look if you're after a new browband!

#3: Saddle
Doesn't everyone love a new saddle?! If only they weren't so expensive! I really want a dressage saddle, however with prices starting at about £700 for a nice one, I think I'll be a long time saving! Ideally I would love either an Ideal, Albion or WOW, but as I said, I might be a long time wishing!

#4: Fleece Rug
I think it has been mentioned a few times on here that I seem to have a bit of a weird obsession with fleece rugs. I mean, they are a fundamental staple in any equine wardrobe, but I think four is a bit excessive (though I have a 'use' for each one!). Fleece rugs have so many uses from keeping your horse warm travelling, chucking on whilst waiting in between competitions, keeping you warm when you're stuck waiting at the yard for a while, if you get one with wicking materials then they are great for cooling off... Get the drift? Fleece rugs are pretty important! Therefore, why not treat your trust equine to one? I really like this Le Mieux one and I think Premier Equine do a similar one. In fact, there's quite a few nice fleece rugs out but I should really stop looking! 

#5: Leather Headcollar

I think leather headcollars look great on any horse and just give that little bit of an extra smarter look. There are also brands bringing them out at cheaper prices which still look as good if you don't fancy splashing out too much money! I love this sheepskin one, again from Le Mieux, and it can looks great on some horses! Unfortunately, I don't think it would suit mine...*sigh*

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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