Friday, 21 November 2014

So Quotable


This is a bit more of a fun and random post really, but whilst I was trawling through Pinterest, I cam across some quotes that I just had to share! These are quite comical but I feel that they relate to Pea, and no doubt some of you may find your horse/s relate too! 

This is definitely Pea down to the 't'! He can be covered in mud, but you ask him to walk through a boggy patch and he slams the brakes on! There's this particular part in his field which is always boggy so if he's on that side of the stream, I have to walk him up the hill to come back down to the gate just to avoid the bog! Even if I pick the part which isn't that bad, he refuses to walk through it! Muddy puddles are the same! The only time he will walk through them is when he's going back out to the field! If our arena gets a bit flooded, he will spook at the puddles, go slow, side step them, anything and everything to try and avoid them! Rolling however, a completely different story! 

Every now and then, Pea likes to trick everyone! In the warm-up, he will start going really nicely, pretty much the best he's ever gone, and you start to get slightly hopeful that the test might actually go well and then bam! You enter the arena and he suddenly decides that everything is worth looking at with his head in the air! No matter how hard you try, he is not going back to that superstar pony he was in the warm-up so you just have to smile and laugh! 

I do love some of the comments that dressage judges write! I remember the times when Pea would buck during a test and you'd see the judges comment of 'slightly disobedient' or 'wasn't really working with you today but a good try'! There was one particular time when Pea had a right bucking fit half way up the centre line and I had to try my hardest to stay on (luckily I did); when I received my score sheet, the comment to go with that was: "nice entry. disobedient. Not quite straight." I think we all laughed at that! 

Let me know if any of these relate to you and your horse/s or if you've found any others!

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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  1. Yes you are so right, I can't really remember any comments I have had but they often make me laugh too!