Monday, 17 November 2014

[Laura Loves] Exercise Sheets


Is it acceptable to have more than one exercise sheet? This is something I have been pondering for ages so if any of you have more than one, please let me know! I've had my current exercise sheet for a few years and do rather like it, however what annoys me about it is that it's not cut away at the leg so I have to fold it back and it doesn't always stay in place then. However, what I do love about it is that it's waterproof on top and fleece underneath. 

With it being the season where people are starting to dig out their exercise sheets, there have been a few that I have spotted and have my eye on..if only I had the money!

The first one, which has previously been featured on a wishlist on here, is the Amigo Competition Sheet (retails around £30-£40). I like this one as it features the same thing my current sheet does with the waterproof top and fleece lining but with the added bonus of being cut away for the leg. Furthermore, it also features reflective stripes which is great for winter riding. 

The next two are ones which I have seen on Fur Feather Meds. I love browsing this site and it fuels my saddlecloth addiction! Good thing I don't have money to buy them! 

The second is the Eskadron Next Generation Fleece Exercise Sheet (retails around £45). This one is only fleece, but I love the design on it! I think I slightly prefer the navy one more and I think it will look slightly better on Pea, however I have seen the blue one pictured on a bay on Instagram and I have to admit it looked great on their horse! 

The final one is typically the most expensive one on my wish list but I do rather love it! This is the Euro-Star Exercise Sheet and it retails at around £69 :/ It's quite simple in design but I love how it comes in either fleece or waterproof! There are three choice colours - Black, Navy or Eucalyptus - and I genuinely don't know which is my favourite! 

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Laura xx

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