Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Website Gift Guide


This year, instead of a normal gift guide, I thought I would feature 5 websites which sell some amazing things to give some inspiration for Christmas gifts!

The first is one which I have featured before and that is the wonderful 'The Dog & Dobbin'. If I had unlimited funds, I would buy so much of their stuff! They sell items such as scarves, photo frames, jewellery and mugs among other things and they are affordable which is always an added bonus! Some of my favourite items include this Silver Snaffle Leather Bracelet (£45):

I also like the Derby Stirrup Desk Clock (£32.95) and the Dog Breed Silhouette (£35). 

The second site is 'Equidivine' and is perfect for those competing in dressage, show-jumping or those who just love glitter! Equidivine sells products such as crystal plaiting bands, sparkle hoof varnish, glitter paint and stencils for use on the horse. My absolute favourite, which I might purchase in the future, are the Swarovski Crystal Plaiting Bands. These come in a whole range of colours (I'm possibly thinking blue which will hopefully stand out more against Pea's grey mane) and come in either single, double or triple rows! The price ranges from £0.99 for one single row band to £19.99 for 20 triple row bands and so these are definitely great value for money!

Next to be featured is the ever so talented Kathy from 'Kfsoriginals'. Kathy's items are not mass produced so if you see something you like, I suggest you snap it up quick! I think this is something which I love about her stuff as it makes the item that bit more unique and you can be sure that no one else will buy the same present! Her artwork is amazing and she designs on either ceramic, glass, slate or canvas which in my opinion is even better! I think the things she does on slate is my favourite as it's that bit different and the slate makes for an excellent background! 

Another site is 'Bespoke Browbands' who make handmade browbands, dog collars, bracelets and keyrings. They have a range of different browbands which can be made either beaded, plaited, have a name stitched on or just plain. I really like the beaded ones. I love that they are person specific, so you can't order from their website as you need to email them with what you want, therefore making them unique just to you! They are actually fully booked for Christmas, however you can order a gift card if you're planning on getting one made for someone. I do actually quite like the colour theme of this browband and I feel like it's quite Christmassy? However, I think I would go with a blue bead theme for Pea!

Finally, the last website to be featured is 'Harriet Glen Creations'.  Harriet creates bronze finished resin sculptures, cast bronzes and jewellery. I particularly love the rings and the bronze finished sculptures. My favourite sculptures are the Shetland pony and the one entitled 'Elegance', however my absolute favourite product is this Snaffle ring (£22). It's not too over the top and I think it demonstrates an equestrian love without being too 'in your face'! 

Hope this has given you a few ideas for any gifts if you need any?

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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