Sunday, 23 August 2015

[Top Tip] Helping with Head-Shaking

Pea suffers quite badly with head-shaking throughout the summer due to the pollen in the air and whilst the Equilibrium Nose Net does help, he can still be quite bad, especially if pollen levels are high.

A few people have recommended using vaseline around the nose as it traps the pollen before entering the nostril which helps but then someone on my yard recommended adding vicks vaporub to the vaseline as well. Yes, I mean that strong smelling stuff that helps clear colds! 

The first time I applied it to Pea, it was safe to say he wasn't sure! The flehmens response came out as well as a bit of snorting! However, after a few days of applying it, he finally got used to it and I have to admit that it does help!

I mix the vick & vaseline together and apply round his nose and it seems to keep him a lot quieter in the head whilst being ridden so I would definitely recommend it if your horse can be a bit bad with pollen! 

Secondary top tip - keep some baby wipes in your grooming kit otherwise your hands will smell of vick and be greasy! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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