Thursday, 13 August 2015

[Laura Loves] My New Riding Boots

After a slightly stressful morning where I got a phone call from my yard owner at 8.30am to say that Pea had been bought in after getting badly tangled in his rug, I managed to pop the five minutes down the road to visit Equifest for the afternoon. 

We only popped over for a couple of hours as I didn't want to leave Pea long after the stressful morning, but as he had calmed down a lot by midday, we decided we'd head over to have a look round the stands and maybe watch a couple of classes. They have a reasonable number of stands and so many had complete bargains! 

One of those bargains were these lovely riding boots at only £75! Considering finding brown riding boots I like is quite hard and I was therefore resulting into adding some onto my 'things to save for/never happening' list, I was pretty glad to have found these! They also had another pair which were a darker brown and had the lace-up detail but unfortunately they were too tall for my short legs! 

I also bought a lovely arty photo and some of Pea's favourite treats to cheer him up!

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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