Tuesday, 11 August 2015

[Monthly Review] July 2015

So we're a third of the way through August and I've just realised I haven't done my July review! Where is this year going?! 

July has been a bit of an up and down ride with me and Pea. He is slowly improving with his flatwork and I feel that we're progressing more with his canter work. If you read either of my lesson posts then you'll know that I'm starting to work on getting him to relax more in his work and also getting a hold of the contact better so that he comes rounder. The past few schooling sessions with him (around him going a bit lame and getting a fat leg!) have been really good! He's still throws his head round a bit when he wants to try and get his head back but luckily he is realising that it's not actually too bad to come into the contact better! 

We are also building the canter up again and getting past the worry that I had after my fall the other month. He seems much happier cantering now and we're incorporating more bends and circles. We're still building up to doing full 20m circles in canter as I don't want to rush it so if he starts to feel a bit tight round a circle then I'll come back to trot or go large again. 

I have also started to do some carrot stretches with Pea on a regular basis. After I've
exercised him and untacked him, I do a flank stretch on either side a couple of times and then also between his legs. By doing it at the end of a working session, his muscles are already warm and loosened up so he's less likely to injure himself. I think there has been some improvement but I'm going to have a look through an old Your Horse issue as I'm sure there was an article on them in there as I think I need a bit more inspiration!

Fingers crossed August will see more improvement!

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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