Sunday, 16 August 2015

[ROOTD] Feat. Tottie Maven Breeches

I've been thinking about doing a 'rider outfit of the day' series for a few weeks now and after getting my new boots the other day I've finally decided to just take the plunge and just do it! 

Pea is wearing:

I am wearing:
  • Plain white long-sleeve t-shirt from Primark. 
  • Navy padded gilet from Jack Wills
  • Mavern tie-dye breeches from Tottie
  • Boots from Rhinegold (I think)
I actually love my white t-shirt. It's such a nice material and it's so versatile for any season. For example, I wore it today as it was slightly cooler but it goes well under my gilet to keep me from getting too hot but keeps me suitably warm as well. The breeches are my one of my favourites as I think they look so smart even though they've got a rather trendy pattern! 

I hope you like this new series. I know that I love seeing people's riding outfits and although I'm not super stylish, I thought it would be nice to share. 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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