Sunday, 11 January 2015

[Product Review] MacWet Gloves

Sorry they're mucky! 
This product review is probably really long overdue! I received these gloves from Samantha (Haynet Blogging) to review as she was unable to ride at the time. Unfortunately, I only got to use these properly for a month before going on placement leaving Pea on a 3 month holiday and I don't think I got round to writing the review amid the chaos of finding somewhere to live and sorting things out! 

However, since November, these gloves have been religiously worn each time I ride and when I lunge and I've grown rather fond of them! 

Reasons why I love them:

  • they are fitted which means that they fit to hand literally like a glove, no annoying large fingers, and so it makes untacking/tacking up wearing them much easier. 
  • they don't slip on the reins when you get caught riding in the rain!
  • they keep your hands nice and warm when you're schooling in the winter and don't overheat too much in the summer either.
  • because they are fitted I think it makes them look a bit smarter too...maybe that's just me?
Not so good points:
  • I don't really have any negatives. The pair I have are black and ideally I'd prefer them brown, which they do do, but for general schooling it really doesn't matter (right....)!
Overall, these are a great pair of gloves and have lasted well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of good riding gloves that you can also wear doing other yard duties!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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