Wednesday, 14 January 2015

[Laura Loves] Winter Head Warmers


So this post might be slightly late but with the British climate you just never know when the next cold spell is going to be! One day it's absolutely freezing and then a few days later it's quite mild! 

I love hats/head warmers! They are my winter staple and they are also great at the yard after you've ridden to help hide the hat hair! This year I have a tweed one with a fleece lining that I found at a local county show which is great and I've also previously worn a fur one. Both are great for keeping me warm and also hiding hat hair after I've ridden! Below are five hats or ear warmers that I've found which look great!

How gorgeous are these head warmers? They look so stylish and so warm! They come in a variety of colours and are reversible. Each head warmer is hand made and are likely to suit most skin types & hair colours! 

I think this head warmer is a bit of a winter staple among equestrians. They feature the classic tweed which looks great for any country pursuit and the Union Jack gives that little bit extra decoration which looks great. 

This is the fur headband that I own and it is amazing! Such a good price and it looks great at the yard or even at the races. There are 5 colour options to choose from so a good selection to suit most if not all! 

Next up is this gorgous bobble hat from Equus. I love a nice bobble hat and they are great for hiding a bad hair day as well as keeping you warm. I've worn one of my bobble hats down the yard in the morning when it's 0 degrees celsius and ended up baking because it keeps me so warm! I love the logo on the front and it comes in a range of colours but I think the navy is my favourite! (which you probably guess already as the majority of my riding things are navy!).

#5: HelmetEars Audio (£20)
And lastly, how could I not include Helmet Ears? I keep adding these to my wishlist every year and I still haven't gotten round to buying a pair but I have heard raving reviews! You can get a helmet attachment or a headband and they come with either inbuilt audio or you can decide not to have the audio which makes them cheaper. As you can see there's a range of colours (baby blue is my favourite) and I will ensure that I finally get my hands on a pair by the end of 2015!

Do you have a favourite head warmer?

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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