Friday, 31 October 2014

[Monthly Review] October 2014


As you can probably guess, October has been another quiet month with Pea as I was doing the last month of my placement. I finished last Friday and half this week has been quiet again as he had to wait to have his back done (which he was done on Wednesday) and then has a day off before coming into work. As he has had 3 months off, I have been scouring online for training schedules. I have come across a few which give a basic idea of how to build up his work and I have bought a notebook which I plan on making into a diary of sorts to keep track of what workload he should be doing, how schooling sessions went, etc. 

I plan on drawing a month calendar to plan out the basics as well as competitions/lessons/etc, then doing a monthly list to write down what to do that week such as schooling, hacking, lunging, pole work and then finally day by day to record how the sessions went. I need to make sure that I do more pole work as Pea is a bit stiff in his stifles but I am awful at remembering to put poles out first and hate having to get on and off all the time! My chiro also mentioned that he needs to work long and low to encourage his back to bend properly but I mentioned that this is something I find really difficult to get him to do so she suggested using a pessoa, just for a few minutes at first and build it up, however as I've never used one before I am planning on asking someone from my yard who has one to help me out.

So, whilst the past few months have been rather quiet, November will definitely be rather busier! Pea will be coming back into work and will hopefully also be clipped and stabled which will all help him to lose his holiday fat and fluffy connie look! Alongside Pea getting fitter, I also plan on getting fitter as I did nothing over placement and seriously need to increase my fitness as well as my core strength! 

Sorry the past few months have been slightly boring, but hopefully the next few will be a lot better!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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