Thursday, 9 October 2014

[Laura Loves] LeMieux Saddlecloths


I have a slight obsession with saddle cloths and literally have to stop myself from buying more! Though I only have 4... but for one horse I suppose that's more than plenty?! I especially seem to buy more when I have a pile waiting to be washed and no clean ones! oops! LeMieux, especially, have some really nice saddle cloths so here are a few of my favourites: 

Lustre Dressage Pad Burnt Copper
I love, love, love the colour of this! It's one of those colours that can suit so many horses (though maybe not chestnuts!) and can look really striking. The Lustre range has a range of features such as 'towelling flannel inner lining which controls sweat and optimises comfort' as well as having a 'swan neck' to provide more freedom for the withers. 

Vogue GP/Jump Pad Green
Seeing as I don't yet have a dressage saddle, I should probably look more at GP saddle pads and this green one is so nice. I like that it has the same 'swan neck' feature and also the braiding around the edge makes it really stand out. 

ProSport GP/Jump Square Navy
My three classic colours are Brown, Grey and Navy. I was going to post the grey version of this pad, however I am still debating whether the colour suits Pea. He does have a grey pad which I think looks okay, but I decided to post this navy one instead. All of Pea's travel things are currently navy and I must say that he does look pretty good in the colour! I really like this pad as I like the girth area which has added strength and I like the cut of the pad as well. I think this is one which I would most definitely consider buying in the future (well I will with all but this one might just be top!).

Are you a fan of the LeMieux range? Which ones are your favourites?

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

PS: here's Pea in his travel gear! 

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  1. You are not alone, my daughter Katie was always sourcing new saddle cloths and had quite a collection until very recently (best find a like new Polypad for 50p in a tack sale!). She's now settled on a lovely fluffy half pad that suits Jay perfectly so she's sold all her other ones (which she found very hard to do, but needed the dosh!!).