Monday, 7 April 2014

Working at Belton Horse Trials 2014

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Hello everyone! 

I am finally free after a busy week working at Belton Horse Trials as part of their site crew. I started Sunday 30th March and finished today (7th April). I have had such a long week, working days between 9 and 12 hours but I have enjoyed every minute and learnt so much! 

I have done various things over the week such as putting out dressage boards, cleaning them (all 7!!), helping trade stands find their spots, stringing the cross country course and many many other jobs! I have worked with some fantastic people which always helps make working so much easier and more enjoyable! I have met some of the nicest traders and if anyone wants some good food to eat at an event there are a couple that I would strongly suggest visiting if they happen to be there! 

Overall I have learnt so much from this past week and it has been so valuable to me learning about what goes on behind the scenes at events! Some of you may be aware that I am hoping to have a career in events management - obviously particularly equestrian events - and therefore working as part of the site crew team has been so helpful! 

I am now busy finishing university and also looking for jobs when I finish but I am keen to work at more events and I am hoping to branch out to other disciplines although I do love working in eventing! 

Sorry for the lack of photos, I really need to learn to take more for my blog posts so I shall try and make it my mission to take more photos! I will also have my March update coming shortly! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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