Wednesday, 9 April 2014

[Monthly Review] March 2014


I have been rather bad again and forgotten half of what happened during March! As it was the month that my dissertation was due in, Pea unfortunately had to take a bit of a back seat and didn't get worked for as long or as many days as normal. 

March meant that Peas routine changed and he started to go out full time again. With this, his work suffered a little bit as he went a bit lethargic and wasn't working great as well as the odd naughtiness, but that soon seemed to ease off again once he got used to being out again. There were also many warm days which meant he got to go out without a rug for a few hours, though I regretted it the first time when I went back and saw how mucky he was! Oh the joys of owning a grey! However, I do like to give him a few hours without a rug on at this time of the year as he just moults and moults so it's good for him to have a good roll to try and get rid of some hair! 

His schooling has been going well and now that he's happier cantering we are able to focus on bringing it all together to aim for a smoother image and get him more round. As I mentioned from the competition report, he is now more active in his paces and now just needs to work on his bend. He does occasionally seem to get it right but I think he finds it hard to stay correct for long due to using muscles he normally doesn't so I am hoping that doing little bits of asking for a true bend will enable him to feel more comfortable offering the bend as he builds up more muscle. He has a tendency at the moment that when he's on the left rein especially (at least, I notice it a lot more) he looks off to the right...At first I thought it was nosiness but now I think he's just doing it to try and get out of bending to the left and he doesn't seem to have yet realised that looking to the right means he has to work harder as I ask for left bend! 

I have also started to introduce a bit more jumping by popping over the odd cross-pole or upright after schooling so I am hoping in the next few months to start more proper jumping sessions as I find it rather hard using a schooling whip and just a snaffle! 

April is being spent working on his bend and hopefully getting him out again towards the end of the month as he's just had a week off due to Belton so he needs to do some schooling first! (however, he might be needing the chiro again so I shall keep you posted!)

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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