Saturday, 26 April 2014

All the small things


So today whilst I was riding round on Pea, I realised some of the changes in him from since I got him. We're nearing the 6 year mark and whilst he is currently in my not so good books due to refusing to bend in any way, especially on the left rein, therefore making life rather difficult, I thought I would share some of the little things that I've noticed have changed in him over the years as well as some of the little things I love about him!

#1: He is perfectly happy to carry on schooling and going past other horses, even when they're just standing, without even contemplating stopping! Before he would stop as soon as another horse went past, and even more so if they were stood as he believed that if they weren't working, why should he! 

#2: How whenever there's a new horse in the field he always acts like he hates it and then a few days later see that he's best buds with it! 

#3: His silliness that when we're cantering round he half locks onto a fence (normally a rather large upright) and speeds up thinking he's going to jump it despite not being in line with and the fact that he would probably just ditch me anyway! 

#4: How he always looks asleep until he's trotting! I can bring him in and he walks so slowly, then stands half asleep whilst being groomed, walks sooo slowly to the mounting block, finally perks up out hacking or when we start trotting and then when we finish and untack he stands there half asleep again!

#5: He is much better with his strides jumping meaning that he doesn't get in too deep and then scramble over the fence. We do have the odd deep moment but he doesn't do an uncomfortable jump anymore.

I think I'll leave it at those 5 for now and maybe make a little feature of it :) Let me know your favourite things of your horse or the little changes you notice. 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx


  1. Love it!! I think l'll do this as well for our horses too, such a good idea! And number 4 made me laugh :D

    1. aw thank you :) i've found myself out hacking thinking of things so think it will definitely be a feature :)