Monday, 1 June 2015

Meet Poppy!

Okay, so she's not quite a horse but meet the new member of our household - Poppy! We've adopted Poppy from the Dog's Trust and despite only coming home yesterday afternoon, she has settled in well! Our two cats are still to get used to her (one just smacks her on the nose but avoids her and the other runs the opposite way!) and she will eventually meet Pea.

Poppy (originally called Sasha) is a four year old collie cross. She hadn't been at the Dog's Trust long when we saw her but she seemed ideal for us as she used to live with cats and also had the right energy levels - ie still oodles of fun but not too boisterous! She came from a home where she spent a lot of time in the kitchen and wasn't walked often - the total opposite to what she has at our house! As I type this she's currently flat out on the sofa despite having a lovely bed! 
We decided to adopt a dog from Dog's Trust because we've always said then when we do finally get a dog it would be a rescue one as it's so rewarding to give them a new home! The Dog's Trust is really good as you can happily look round at the dogs and they all have their information outside their kennel. They also have some dogs that are up for adoption but are elsewhere as they are a bit nervous of people or need a bit further training. If you find a dog that you like then you register your details at reception and a member of staff comes over to check that you'll be suitable owners for that dog. We then got the chance to meet Poppy and take her for a walk. You then have three options in that you can agree right then that you want the dog, reserve the dog for 24hours so people can still view them but can't have them until you've made your mind up or you can say that it's not suitable and they will keep your details and let you know of a more suitable dog. We decided to reserve Poppy whilst we went home to discuss a few things as we were told she can guard her food and toys so wanted to check if it would be fine with my niece and cats. We then went back the next afternoon with my niece and took Poppy on another walk and things went really well so we signed up for her! We had to go for an interaction talk Wednesday evening and Sunday to go over a few things as well as a pre-adoption talk Saturday morning but all was fine and she came home yesterday afternoon!

It costs just £100 to adopt a dog from the Dog's Trust and they come with a collar and lead, 4 weeks insurance, 2kg food plus you can give them a call whenever if there are any issues. I would definitely recommend thinking about the Dog's Trust if you're after a rescue dog as they are really friendly and helpful. 

I'm sure you might see a lot more of Poppy, especially if you follow me on instagram or twitter!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx