Sunday, 14 June 2015

[#LBEqFit] Colour Rush Obstacle, Milton Keynes

Yesterday, my friend and I travelled to Milton Keynes for the 5k Colour Rush Obstacle Run. The weather was terrible with it non-stop raining all day and it wasn't the best organised as we were left waiting for over an hour to start but it was great fun! I've still got colour all over my car and it went through all my clothes so I have nice green patches on my arms, haha! 

There were so many people there of all ages and abilities. We entered the 'Colour Rush Obstacle' which includes inflatable objects such as slides (a couple were slightly pointless!) & a large majority of time was spent queuing to get over them. In fact we had to queue for an hour just to get to the start line because of the first obstacle! You can by-pass them if you wish, but as there's an ordinary colour run each year as well, then I think you might as well give a couple a go! 

We were the last slot to go so the ground was horrendous and the obstacles were rather wet and muddy by that point but still great fun. I think it probably would have been better to be one of the earlier slots though as by the time we finished there weren't many people around and we were so wet and cold that we just wanted to get home! 

All in all I think I would enter again, or maybe just stick to a normal colour run, but it was great fun! 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx 

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