Thursday, 11 June 2015

[Laura Loves] Mint Horse Wear

I love colourful things. Not too over-the-top but like bright, bold colours or also soft, pastel tones too! Having a grey horse is pretty awesome in the fact that virtually any colour suits! I am forever finding new colour combinations that I just adore and want to buy for him - not so good for my bank balance! Previously it's always been kind of more 'dull' colours in a way..?! Navy used to be the main colour choice in my riding wardrobe/horse wardrobe but since discovering Equissentials Dressage I have started to want a lot of colour (If you've seen Pea's bright orange pad you'll know what I mean!)! 

One item that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed from Equissentials was the fairplay saddlepad & bandage set in mint. Oh my, I fell in love instantly! It's ridiculously gorgeous and although it's not a bold colour, I think it would suit Pea so well! They are also reasonably priced at £38 for a pad and set of 4 bandages making it seriously hard to resist! 

And then to top things off, I was scrolling through my Instagram at lunch time and saw that they had posted a picture of some lovely over-reach boots in mint as well! I mean, come on! They are 'Rider by Horse - Mint Platinum over-reach boots' and are just £15! I think that come pay-day I might just purchase them all.... 

I would definitely recommend checking out Equissentials Dressage as they truly have a wide range of gorgeous pads and boots as well as rider clothing in a whole heap of colour combinations! Top Tip: Maybe don't actually follow them if you want to keep hold of your money. You will want to buy everything ;)

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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