Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Starting the next chapter...

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Last week I was invited for an interview regarding a 3 month placement/internship and I was fortunate to have been awarded it. I start at the beginning of August, typically my 21st birthday! I am still yet to find somewhere to stay, cutting it slightly short I know, but I have one or two more flat shares to look at so fingers crossed! I did ideally want my own flat but as the contract is only for 3 months then I'm having to rent a room instead. Obviously I am also hoping to take Pea along with me, however I have not had the chance to look at any livery yards yet as I've been busy finding myself somewhere and I know I can leave him at home for the time being. 

I'm quite excited about my next 'chapter' but also slightly nervous, which I'm sure will intensify as it gets closer to me starting! I've always been really shy and whilst I have become slightly more confident during university, I sometimes wish that I could be more confident. However, with that being said I have realised that I do take more 'risks', if that's what you could maybe call them? I've also realised that I'm quite independent. I am the first in my family to attend university, and whilst I did not necessarily live there full time (in the first year I would come home at weekends for Pea after a month of having him at uni and him not liking the livery) or have the 'full university experience' it was still something that I would say was slightly out of my comfort zone. I have also done a few other things such as travelling to Blenheim Horse Trials and volunteering there for the week as well as working at Belton Horse Trials. I hope to do more volunteering when I move to give me something else to do at the weekend. With these things in mind it has made me realise that maybe I am slightly more confident that what I give myself credit for as I do go out and take 'risks' if that's what you could call them? 

So, here is to the next part of my life. It's quite surreal no longer being in education and having to go out into the 'real world' but hey ho!

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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