Thursday, 31 July 2014

[Monthly Review] July 2014

I had only just bought him in! Lazy po!

I feel that Pea has been a tad neglected the past few weeks as I have been super busy finding somewhere for me to live and various other things. This has resulted in me not riding as much as I normally do, infact it's been like twice a week :( I hate not being able to ride so much and his fitness has definitely suffered which is so frustrating as he was quite fit before and going reasonably well. However, I do hope then when I finally get somewhere for him to move to (I am beginning a placement on Monday, you can read more here) and he's settled he will hopefully work better after his mini holiday. 

At the beginning of the month I decided to have a little jump on him and I always forget just how awesome he can be! I originally bought him to jump and potentially do BSJA but ended up losing so much confidence and I think he didn't have the confidence in me either. Now, his striding is so much better as he previously got in so deep which was horrible! I still haven't braved jumping fillers but I do end up raising the straights to 2ft6 or so, which may not be big but it's a step in the right direction. 

His schooling is still all higgedly-piggedly (technical term there ;) ) as one day he decides to just rush around not bending and I get frustrated, but I have learnt on those days to just ignore asking for bend and instead concentrate on getting him to listen. This means lots of transitions and leg-yielding as well as attempting shoulder-in, though in typical Pea style he pretends he finds it too hard only to do it perfect when he's having a tantrum about life... 

Lately, I've been a bit concerned about his back and pelvis so I think maybe once I move him I might get a physio or chiro to check him out. I did contemplate getting my current one out but as I'm hardly riding at the moment I don't think that it's going to be too great. He's been having great fun spooking at completely ridiculous things out hacking as well as scaring me on the lunge by looking like he's going to fall over his head in canter so I don't think it's too bad but definitely needs checking. He was also slightly mouthy on the lunge the other day which is weird as he's only just had his teeth done so I'm not sure what that was about!

Sorry it's not much of a great post, but fingers crossed once we get moved and settled and he starts coming into work there will be more to report on! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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