Wednesday, 9 July 2014

6 years on...


I have had the pleasure of owning this little guy for 6 years! 

Looking back to when I first went and viewed him does sometimes make me wonder why exactly I bought him. When the girl rode him he just stopped and bucked so I don't think I really saw much of him and she hardly cantered. Then I got on him and he was as good as gold; I had a little trot and canter, but I probably should have done more! I didn't go back for a second viewing or have anyone else view him with me, just got him vetted and then my parents surprised me by bringing him home whilst I was still away on a school trip. I think I probably half fell for him due to the fact that he was well behaved for me - clearly in his mind he was set on me being his new mummy! Also, how can you resist that face? It's the same one that's got him out of trouble thousands of times when he's chucked me off, refused to load, or buggered off in the field when we're close to the gate (his field is enormous and normally he runs back to the very far end, not entertaining!). 

I have been through so much with Pea. At first he would just stop and do small-ish bucks, I couldn't even trot him round the arena without him bucking. After months of this happening, I slowly lost all confidence and began to question why I bought him. Somehow I persevered with him, only to have him then throw bigger things at me such as fly-bucking and the odd rear. He would also run out at fences at the very last moment causing me to always hit the deck - hence why I lost so much confidence jumping despite buying him to show-jump. This continued for around a year or more, making me question if I had bitten off more than I could chew and I started to contemplate selling him. However, he clearly started to sense this and slowly started behaving - nothing major - but I could slowly trot him round an arena without him stopping and canter without throwing in a fly buck. 

Since then, things slowly started getting better and now he's like a different horse. He's so
much more active and forward thinking and he seems to love his work now rather than constantly trying to ditch me. We still have the odd battle and argument but luckily he's finally realised that I always win! We may not have achieved a great deal as in competition wins or what level we're competing at, but I still (hopefully) have years ahead with him and the main deal is that we're now working with each other rather than against each other!

So, if I could go back, would I still buy him? I honestly don't know but right now I'm glad I
did. He has so many quirks which make him him and we may get looked down upon for not being flashy, or competing at high levels, or whatever - but to me, none of that matters. All that matters is that he tries his little heart out for me and I couldn't love him more. He has truly changed so much over the past 6 years and considering he never had a permanent home before or did much work, I think he now realises that he's here to stay - no matter how naughty he can be! He has also taught me a lot about myself and that giving up is not an option. So no matter how hard things get for you and your horse, just keep at it and eventually things will start to fall into place, no matter how long it may take! Just don't feel pressured because I think that's where things went wrong with me and Pea somewhere along our journey when people were making me jump fences neither of us were happy jumping causing us to lose trust with each other, but now, on the odd occasions I do jump him, he is so much more confident and I'm slowly getting there too. 



Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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