Sunday, 13 September 2015

[Product Review] LeMieux Wrapround Lambskin over-reach boots

After Pea had hind shoes put on earlier this year, I began to notice that he was clipping himself quite a bit. Before, it wasn't majorly noticeable as he didn't have hind shoes on so there was no noise nor was he cutting himself or anything. However, with shoes on you could hear him over-reaching and he also developed a small over-reach cut. I decided, therefore, to search into getting him some over-reach boots and when I saw the LeMieux lambskin ones, I couldn't resist! 

I ordered mine from VioVet and they arrived within two days - super speedy delivery! I was a bit worried at first because when I opened the packaging, the lambskin came away from the boot quite easily so I was slightly concerned that it wouldn't last. However, I'm glad to say that I've had these for a few months now and they're still in a very similar condition to when I got them and that the lambskin hasn't come off!

I've had these boots for around 4 months now and they've been worn quite regularly when schooling and lunging as well as for the odd hack. They've also been through the stream and worn in warm weather as well as the rain which has caused  puddles and a soft arena surface. I've never had any issues with these boots coming undone, slipping or interfering in any way. This is great for me as Pea can be funny about having boots on so I was worried when I first got them that Pea wouldn't take to them but luckily he's had no issues wearing them. 

Pea is a 15hh connemara x so normally wears a medium, but after consulting the sizing guides for these and seeing one or two other posts about these boots, it was decided that the Large is a better fit. I would therefore, definitely recommend that you look at the sizing guide before purchasing these to ensure you get the right fit! The large does fit Pea really well; they're not too long but being adjustable mean that they fit round well and give a secure fit. 

As I mentioned, these have been worn through the stream as well as having been hosed off after a ride and they've not lost shape/lost lambskin/damaged in any way! I leave them to dry wrapped round the stable bars and they always dry well and are fine to use the next day. 

I would definitely recommend these boots as they look smart and last well. 

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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